In Pool TRIathlon is a simulation of a triathlon race, which takes place in a swimming pool area using swimming paths for the swimming part, spinning bikes for the cycling part and curved treadmills for the running part.
The event includes triathlon, open water swimming, city running as well as other sporting and entertainment activities.

The Off Road Triathlon, part of the European and World Tour, Championship. Two days sports and entertainment event together with kid’s sports and activities.

A three days sports and entertainment event for the whole family / friends focusing in SwimRun: a race in couples that are tied up with rope, swim and run together until the finish line.

5, 10 & 28 km run alongside the wave, in the unique natural environment of the National Park of East Macedonian & Thrace, in a special and adventurous race!

Genuine revival of the Olympic sport Obstacle Swimming, of the 2nd Olympic Games in Paris (1900), which was abolished as hard enough.

A three days sports and entertainment event for the whole family / friends with Triathlon, ISOMAN presented by G, XTERRA Trail Running and Personal Bike Chronometer (T.T.).

A three days sports and entertainment event for the whole family / friends in the heart of the Parnassus fir forest at Elatos Resort. Activities for teams and pairs with kids..

A four days sporting and entertainment event for the whole family / friends with Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, City Running and Obstacle Swimming. The event has completed its cycle.

A two days sporting and entertainment event for the whole family / friends, focusing on the Triathlon of adults and children. The event has completed its cycle.

TRIMORE Sport Events has been active since the fall of 2014.

Following our vision, we designed and implemented a series of Premium Multisport Events in various locations throughout Greece, addressed to athletes of all levels, from Elite / PRO athletes to beginners and amateur rookies, their families or friends.

Choosing to join sporting (thematic) tourism activities, we emphasize to proper organization, quality, safety and we choose excellent destinations in Greece, as venues for our events. 

TRIMORE Sport Events has been awarded for this (1st Place in RaceCheck evaluation 2016 & 2017, Sports Marketing Awards 2018 & 2019 - Bronze Medal, a special award by the Panhellenic Sports Journalists Association at the 2019 Awards Ceremony).

We created: TRIMORE Nafplio Triathlon, TRIMORE Syros Triathlon, TRIMORE SwimRun Hydra and we made athletes, spectators, volunteers and the media to love us, making our events a benchmark.

In 2017, we were hugely honored to represent and host in Greece the XTERRA World Championship Off Road Triathlon. We are now XTERRA Greece and we are implementing the vision of XTERRA, to bring athletes closer to nature with the XTERRA Open Water Swimming Challenge in Varkiza, while a number of other innovative XTERRA events are being designed. 

At the end of 2018, TRIMORE announced TRIMORE Multisports TOUR, a series of events that will be organized in special selected picturesque areas in Greece, aiming to contribute to the country's tourism development and thematic/sports tourism, with a constant effort at the same time to bring out the values ​​of sports to young people, as well to athletes of all levels. At the same year we announced XTERRA - Elatos Sports Experience, TRIMORE M.T. Kastoria, (Half & Olympic distance - ISOMAN by G sprint), TRIMORE M.T. Rethymno | ISOMAN by G, our collaboration with the special race Wave Running Powered by TRIMORE, and more to follow, like Obstacle Swimming in Vouliagmeni Lake. In 2019 we started representing in Greece ISOMAN equalized Triathlon and we are ISOMAN Hellas as well.  

We are working hard next to our sponsors, the key supporters of our efforts, those who have assist us, large Greek and multinational companies, that follow faithfully our vision and contribute utmost. We think of them and create the conditions for the best promotion of their products and services, along with the promotion of the values ​​of sports to young people in particular. 

All of our existing sponsors have been with us from the first time we worked together and the enjoy the benefits of setting up next to the institution we created. 

We have a dynamic plan for the future and we need by our side athletes, families, friends, operators, companies with vision, values ​​and social responsibility strategies to make it happen. We will never miss our goal, look the future in the eyes and give all our passion and dedication to getting the best experience out of those who trust us, from whatever perspective. 

Through the events we organize, we address to athletes of all levels and to their families / friends, who are increasingly seeking a way out in such activities. 

We have a clear belief that our events can add real value to all those who choose to live them.

We are professionals

Constantinos Mitropapas
Anastasios Mitropapas
Technical Manager